Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Why do you like trains?

Anyone who has liked (or loved) trains for any length of time has likely been asked "why do you like trains"? It just so happened that on a recent business flight, I sat next to a conversationalist who asked me just that. My response was in the form of a story about how my grandfather took me to a train show every year in Roseville, and how we spent Summers together alongside the famed "Donner Pass" route where we would watch the trains roll by. It was mandatory that I always waited for the caboose. While I am not sure the exact moment trains became important to me, I know the feeling of excitement I get seeing trains developed when I was a young boy. Somehow, 34 years later, it is still with me. Why do I like trains so much? I am not quite sure, but I suspect that relationships have a lot to do with it. First, with my grandfather. Later, with fellow train enthusiasts in the various clubs I associate with. Now, with my children and my wife. For me, I rarely go train watching or take my trains to the live steam club without a friend or family member involved. I don't take off from work to run my train by myself. For me, it is with those who also find joy in trains that I spend my train time with. This Coke commercial got me thinking. Many friends have shared that they love trains because of that Lionel train set they got for Christmas. There are many stories, and we would enjoy hearing about yours.

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  1. For me it was very similar. Started with my Grandfather taking me to watch the Great Northern trains come through the station and that was it. Although he was a horse guy, he and my Dad the airplane guy put some Lionel on a door panel in Grandpas basement for me. And to boot growing up I had a neighbor who had live steam on his property and most Saturdays were spent there. My early life was filled with Trains and it continued on into my adult life. Sometimes getting sidelined but always there. I have been a lone wolf HO modeler for years and now am into 1.6". I too find a lot more satisfaction being able to share it with others than alone.