Thursday, February 27, 2014

Planning Commission Meeting Initial Report

This is the initial report from John Black following the Klamath County Planning Commission meeting held February 25, 2014. There will be more details to come
soon in the Gazette.


Tonight the Klamath County Planning Commission (5 out of 7 present) and the Klamath County Commissioners (2 out of 3 present) held a joint meeting to consider TM's request that a Train Park Zone be created to allow :
---- a 39 acre Train Park Support area
---- a 129 acre Track Connected Residential Community with 2+ acre lots.

About 60 TM members attended…. some neighbors… and some other interested parties.  The crowd spilled out into the hall and was standing room only.  The crowd clearly communicated that there was strong public support.  THANK YOU to everyone who attended.

Justin Throne and I spoke FOR the proposal.
Speaking AGAINST were 2 neighbors just south of the proposed residential community and 2 neighbors that lived west of Highway 62.
Speaking with no position were Sharon Breen and The Fire Dept.

There was a lot of discussion about DLCD's 13 page letter which had little support.  DLCD is the Dept of Land Conservation and Development… the Oregon State agency that oversees land use decisions.

Everyone expressed support for the 39 acre Train Park Support Area…. even DLCD.  The only reservations were about the Track Connected Residential Community.

There was a debate about whether the best way to do it was a New Zone or an Overlay of the Forestry Zone that allowed all the same things.   There was discussion about whether a zone could grant special privileges to a single property owner.  There are other examples of zoning for a single property in Oregon.

Finally a Planning Commissioner moved to disapprove the proposal. That was voted down 3 to 2.  Then the Planning Commission voted to recommend that the County Commissioners continue the hearing to March 25, 2014…. to give time to get clarifications of the law and DLCD's position.   Then both County Commissioners spoke in favor of the proposal and voted to Table the issue until March 25, 2014.

The majority want to be sure that the proposal is adopted in a form that is likely to withstand any appeal.  The next step is a meeting with DLCD to clarify their position.

It will not be necessary for people to travel from out of state to attend the hearing March 25.  We have delivered the message that there is Significant Support.   I would like people that live in Klamath County to come see the show on March 25.   We cannot have an empty room.

We need the Residential Community to attract and retain Long Term Volunteers.  We need the freedom to do what we need to do in the Train Park Support Area.   Stay tuned as the process continues.

It is Sunny and Warm.  Everyone had a great time at the Train Meet.


Sunday, January 12, 2014

Bonus Free Meet Added for 2014

Save the Date -- Feb 25
Train Mountain has applied to Klamath County to create a new Train Park Zone that
1)    allows TM to create about 50 lots of 2+ acres for a Train Connected     
Community on the west side of Railroad Ridge, and
2)    allows TM to conduct the Train Park Support activities it needs as permitted   
land uses as opposed to non-conforming or conditional land uses which have more limits.
“What can I do to help?”  - - -  SEND EMAILS!
Please send an email supporting the Train Mountain Application. The email
should go to Mark Gallagher, Planning Director...
Sample Text:
Dear Mr. Gallagher,
I am writing to support Train Mountain's application to allow a Train
Connected Residential Community for volunteer workers and to allow
the activities necessary to support the Train Park.
John Q. TrainNut
If you have volunteered at TM, talk about that. If you think about having a
place at TM and building a life that includes working on TM, talk about that.
And talk about why Train Mountain is important to you.
Oregon land use law allows a County to approve residential development on
Resource Lands (TM is Forestry) outside a designated Urban Growth Area
(like Chiloquin) to house Workers for an established Economic Activity. Here
we are creating housing for Volunteer Workers that will help Train Mountain.
“What else can I do?”  - - -  ATTEND THE HEARING!
The proposal will be heard by the Klamath County Planning Commission and
Klamath County Commissioners on Tuesday Feb 25th at 6:00pm in the
Klamath County Government Center, 305 Main Street, Klamath
Falls, Oregon.
For those who wish to help support the mission, Train Mountain is hosting a
Sat Feb 22 to Tuesday Feb 25
Members and non-members are invited to a Free Open House Meet. The Meet will end with the planning commission hearing at 6:00pm on Tuesday Feb 25.
In the Hearing we are asking Klamath County to:
1. Amend the Klamath County Comprehensive Plan
2. Amend the Land Development Code by adding a new Train Park Zone.
3. Allow Planned Unit Developments in the Train Park Zone.
4. Allow a 129.14 acre Track connected residential development.
5. Allow a 39.29 acre Train Park Support Area.
This is a first step. It will be followed by these steps:
1. Re-plat 2 deeded lots to create a 100.25 acre lot to be rezoned.
2. Rezone the 129.14 acres and 39.29 acres to the new Train Park Zone
3. Approve the Planned Unit Development. As part of this, Train Mountain
will contract with Klamath County to assure that 10 acres per approved
Dwelling Unit (with a minimum of 400 acres) will be protected forever from
development by a Conservation Easement... for 50 lots, 500 acres....
enough to protect Steiger Butte which is visible all over northern Klamath County.
The New Train Mountain Community
Please visit the Train Mountain Website for details to the planned community:
Train Mountain Thanks YOU!